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Trying to Achieve Financial Freedom

8th Day of RFF

Yesterday spending:-1. RM3.60 Curry Mee for Breakfast2. RM6 Mineral Water3. RM40.10 Lunch Suppose to update this on yesterday, but too much work and mentally tired, had me dozed off on the early night.

7th Days of RFF

7th August 2020 Usage:-1. RM7 Breakfast2. RM1 Drink3. RM2.55 Dinner4. RM1 Parking5. RM1 Parking6. RM72 Indah Water Have discussion with my peers/colleagues about stock market. Initially i thought stock market is a good platform to invest the money as it have better growth rate if compare to Fixed Deposit. Thru the opinion of my peers/colleagues,Continue reading “7th Days of RFF”

6th Day of RFF

Today no meal expenses but only toll. Toll value shall be extract from touch n go on tomorrow. Toll1. RM2.50 Toll2. RM2.50 Toll By next month, i need to enforce myself to keep/save money. I’m not sure if i should immediately use the money for investment, example like: –1. Stock Market2. Silver as precious metalContinue reading “6th Day of RFF”

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